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Personal Property

Who Must File 

Any person including any firm, company, partnership, association, corporation, or individual owning, holding, possessing or controlling tangible personal property and having a tax status within the State of Indiana on January 1, must file a Business Personal Property Tax Return with the appropriate Assessor's office. 


Personal Property in Indiana is a self assessment system. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the taxpayer to obtain the appropriate forms (form 102 or 103 and a form 104) and file a return with the correct assessing official by May 15th of each year (unless the 15th falls on a weekend in which case the return would be due the following Monday). 

Under $80,000 Exemption: You may qualify for an exemption if your Tangible Personal Property Acquisition cost is less than $80,000. You must file the 102 or 103 form with the 104 form and have the exemption box at the top checked with the value in order to declare this exemption. 

Extensions & Amendments 

Sullivan County does not allow extensions. Any requests for extensions will be denied due to our tight deadline in getting information to the State. 

A taxpayer has the right to file 1 amended return if the original return was filed on time. Amended returns are allowed within 1 year from the date the Assessor's office received the forms. 


Taxpayer timely file None
Filed between 5/16 and 6/16 $25 + 20%
Filed after 6/16 $25 + 20%
Failure to file $25 + 20% 

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