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Sullivan County Recorded Documents Online

Instantly Access Recorded Documents from your Computer

Doxpop, LLC was selected by your recorder to provide a simple, easy-to-use research tool to access recorded documents without making a trip to the recorder's office.

The Doxpop Recorded Document Public Access System is particularly beneficial to professionals who regularly access recorded documents. They save time by accessing the index and document images quickly and conveniently from their own offices.

Doxpop LLC also provides access to other valuable county information. Since 2002, Doxpop has been providing access to court records for many Indiana counties. Subscribers to Doxpop may access both recorded documents and court records through a single user-friendly website with searches spanning multiple counties.


Benefits valued by Attorneys, Title Abstract Companies, Independent Researchers, Real Estate Professionals, Investigators, Property Managers, and more:

  • Less time and cost to research.
  • Instant 24-hour access at office or home.
  • Unequaled research tools.
  • Unlimited free technical support.
  • Ability to set search watches on documents and receive e-mail notifications of any modifications or new cross references.
  • Ability to set search watches on parties and receive e-mail notifications of any newly filed documents for the party.
  • Access information from other counties via Doxpop network.
  • Also Access Court Records from courts participating in the Doxpop network.
  • Receive document images in electronic format.


  • Search by Person, Parcel or Document
  • Search Multiple Counties
  • Receive Notifications When Cross References are Added
  • Set Periodic and Scheduled Searches

Doxpop information is current!

Our services mirror the information found on the document index at the Recorder's Office within 10 minutes.

The Doxpop Recorded Document Public Access system is the fastest, easiest, and least expensive way for counties to provide web access to recorded documents.

Fee Schedule

  • Please visit our website to determine the best plan for your usage.
  • Per page document fees as low as $1.00.
  • Advanced Searching capabilities, "My Documents" feature to keep track of projects, Document and Party watches including cross reference notifications.

Public Information

Recorded documents have always been available to the public. However, they have not always been easy to access.

For some time, counties have used document indexing software systems to enable visitors and workers to access documents at the county recorder's office.

Through the efforts of your county recorder, recorded documents are now available online. This will help streamline and simplify research for many professionals, particularly attorneys and title abstract firm. It will also offer instant access to public information by the public itself.

Visit Doxpop today!

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