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Infraction Deferral

Infraction Deferral is a three month program sponsored by the Sullivan County Prosecutor’s Office which is designed to help people with little or no driving record who have been issued a traffic ticket for an infraction offense. Successful participants in the Sullivan County Infraction Deferral Program could avoid having a conviction on their driving record.

The specific requirements will vary by what a person is charged with, but can include things such as paying restitution or obtaining a valid driver’s license. All participants must pay the $170 program fee in addition to the costs mentioned above.

Eligibility is generally based on the type of infraction committed and the person’s driving record. It should also be noted that eligibility in this program is at the discretion of the prosecutor. If you have a CDL license, you are NOT eligible for the infraction deferral program. Failure to successfully complete the infraction deferral program could result in your ticket being refiled against you. To find out if you qualify for the infraction deferral program, please contact Jennifer Pirtle at:

If it is determined that you are eligible for the program, you can pick an Infraction Deferral form up at our office, or we would be happy to mail or email it to you.

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